Monday, February 13, 2012

A Note about Identification

Sad to have to say this...but some parents and others seem to be concerned about teens posting their last names at my blog. I find this to be funny because this is not exactly (or, rather, definitely NOT) the kind of blog where a stalker would hang out. "Library Lover on the Loose--watch out!"

Indeed, I doubt that anyone knows about this blog except for the teachers, librarians, and teen readers that I've directed here--and I think we're a pretty safe and trustworthy crowd.

But this is a creepy world, so: please think twice about what you're posting and how you identify yourself. No need to leave your last name when you post a comment here (or at any blog). No need to put your real name(s) at all! I welcome a post from Pippi Orangepeel, The Potato Chip Monster, or A Fan of JW. (I would love a post from A Fan of JW!!)

If you'd like your post deleted because you used your whole name, just let me know. Unfortunately I don't think I'm able to delete only your name; I have to delete the whole post.

If none of this concerns you, hooray! And please post on!!

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