Saturday, March 3, 2012

Why a Blog?

Why did I create a blog, instead of just answering individual emails from readers--which I have received for the past 15 years and continue to receive?

Because a blog creates a community. It's my hope that you will read the comments and questions of the dozens of students who have posted here and will learn from each other.

My mentor Myra Cohn Livingston always urged us Master Class students (most of us were published, and several were very well-established in our fields) to seek more eagerly to learn from each other, not just from her. She wanted us to critique and praise each other's work (while she was listening, so that she could jump in with a suggestion or guide us to asking the sort of questions that she thought to be important).

So I'm hoping that you'll browse and read a whole bunch of comments and questions--and jump in with your own replies.

Finally, a request: this blog has had great support and lots of terrific comments and questions. Will you visit my other blog, The Declaration of Interdependence Blog, and join the discussion? I'd love to see you there!

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